Brand: FindiU
Duration: Four months | March–July 2022
We, as humans, talk to ourselves constantly. Listening to those neutral or positive inner voices is essential to understanding what our body needs. But often, young professionals who have many uncertainties in their careers can feel lost and talk to themselves in a negative way that can stop them from growing at work and as a person. This project aims to explore ways to facilitate individuals in their careers to reflect, understand themselves more, and ultimately take action to achieve their goals at work.
This is a self-inspired project from my identity as a designer who has felt Imposter Syndrome many times. I drove this project as a solo product designer from research to ideation, prototyping to iterations. Special thanks to my mentor Jane Ngai for all the support and feedback shared throughout this project.
The project topic is in the space of psychology which is very complex and dynamic. I’m not an expert in this area but for the project, I tried to fill the knowledge gap through self-learning with research and resources, working and collaborating with experts to build the foundation and support my design. 

In addition, the talk of imposter syndrome and self-talk can be quite intimate and personal to individuals. And it will take time to validate the impact of any solutions. It was a challenge to gain authentic insights during primary research and evaluate the design solution in a shorter time.

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