I am a product designer based in NYC with graphic design and entrepreneurship background. I'm passionate about discovering creative solutions with an entrepreneur, innovation mindset. 
Love problem-solving and Human-Centered Design. Apply the design-thinking process to everyday life. In the past few years, I've been actively participating in student organizations, startups, and NGOs in various roles from production to leadership positions across different industries. 
I believe that design is more than an aesthetic look, it's more about experiences, usability, and the impacts delivered by communicating through design. With the international background, I can serve as the bridge builder across cultures and different stakeholders with empathy in my heart.
This website showcases my interactive work. For my general designs, art, and photography, or just learn about my interests, please check out Sherry Gui's Wonderland. If you are curious about what I have worked on in the past, please check out my resume. I am always open to conversations, so send me an email or connect with me on LinkedIn!

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